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Umbrella Ella vs the Vampire Queen

This game was made for the Game Makers Toolkit 48 hr Game Jam. It  encapsulates the dual purpose theme through many of its mechanics, the weapon doubles both as offensive and defensive tool, also provides HP recovery options while the special uses HP as ammunition.

Intended platform is PC with a controller, either PS4 dualshock or Xbox controller

Third Party Resources include:

Music: deamons by Kai Engel, using an attribution license, can be found here:


Environmental Assets taken from 

Make Your Fantasy Game Lite 1.02 by xiaolianhaustudio


All other artwork and coding was done by myself.

This was my first game jam,  so is was quite the learning experience. There are still more bugs than I would like, but I guess there is only so much you can do in 48hrs. Still I think what has been submitted is a fair representation of what I set out to achieve. I hope you enjoy this game.


Left Joystick to Move Character
Right Joystick to Rotate Character 
Right Trigger (R2) for regular Attack
Left Trigger (L2)  for Special Attack
Start (Options) to Pause Game

Landing Regular Attacks will recover HP

Your initial damage output is low but hitting multiple enemies in the same strike will add a multiplier to your damage output for each enemy hit.

Special Attacks consume HP but deal AOE damage

When not Attacking the Umbrella will shield the player from attacks in whatever direction the player is facing


Install instructions

Unzip the file and you should be able to access the application file. The game is built for PC platform and is intended to be playdr with a controller (DualShock4 or Xbox)


Umbrella Ella vs the Vampire Queen.zip 41 MB
Umbrella Ella vs the Vampire Queen Post 48hr Patch.zip 42 MB

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